May 16, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake

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Diasters used to mean nothing to me, it is always in somewhere else, it is just numbers in the news.

However this diasters really hit home (nearly) and hit big.

My mom was getting ready to bed when the table started shaking, at that time, Annya was asleep. My mom knew it was earthquake, so she lay gently down by the side of Annya, guarding her.

Fortunately, Chengdu and Yaan where my families are, are not hit very bad.

I have asked around my friends whose families are in SiChuan, thankfully, everyone is safe.

Still feel so sad for the people who lost their lives, or their family. So sad for the so many children that were buired in rubbles.

Have talked with Emma a lot about the earthquake, she said:

China is not a great place, oh, it is dangerous.
But honey, there are diasters everywhere. There were hurricanes in America.

I showed pictures and pictures of people bleeding, buried, crying, she got sad but stuggled to say: mommy, they should be careful

She drew a picture of the earthquake where, in her interpretation, Annya slept in a bigger basinet in time of earthquake, so it is safer.

She really has no clue what earthquake is, she has no clue what suffering means.

At the wrong place wrong time, she could be Emma or Annya. Life is so precious yet so precarious.

Friday, May 16, 2008
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