May 10, 2008

Happy ever after?

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Quotes from Emma:

What does that mean Happy ever after?
It means you are in love.
Are we in love?
No, we are just mommy and child.

What does "frustrated" mean?
It means whiny ...

Where is Asia?
It is in South America.

(Mena's mom works at White Water, Wisconsin)
I want to go to White Water. It is in South America.

(Her job this week at school is "Snack helper")
What does snack helper do?
You put a plate in front of each chair, put napkins by each plate, put ...
We have to hurry then, or we would miss the snack time, then you cannot help with the snacks.
No. No. It is afternoon snack, after you sleep.

I am in charges of my toes.

(She loves looking at mirror), mostly she would say:
I am the cutest girl in the Whole World.
Last night, she wet her hair and so her bangs look spiky. She said:
I am the goofy, bad hair night.


Saturday, May 10, 2008
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