May 25, 2008

Good mom, negligent mom

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I read somewhere that it is ok to be a good mom for about 60% of time, for the rest, you can indulge yourself with anger, frustration, resentment, negligence ... Occasionally I have all the negtives, anger, frustration, loathe ... (Very honestly, very rarely though).

For the past week, I was in a kind of negligent mode. I was online surfing a lot, most read news about the earthquake. It is funny now China is caught in the mode of competition of self-sacrifice and mourning and heroism and showism ... Anyway, I was just hungry for the news, images. Try not to leave out Emma, I drew her in. ... When I got my books, I let her play games on PBSKids. Luckily she did not complain.

Last week, we did start on a new project. We bought tomato seeds, flower seeds, flower pots, soil and planted all of them. We spent a whole afternoon looking at flowers and pots at Home Depot.

In the beginning, it was just boring. For a whole week, there was nothing but two pots of dark soil. No sign of life at all. I was so inpatient I had to stir the soil up to check that I did not plant the seed too deep. Then a lot of yellow tender worms sprang up. Then they spreaded into two green leaves. Then they grew. We cheered. We check them everyday.

Last week Emma got sick. When she was sick, she was whiny.

... Annya is indeed going back home. I am getting tickets for my parents and her. Great.

Sunday, May 25, 2008
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