April 10, 2008

Week 4

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Time flies. It has been nearly a month since grandma, grandpa and Annya left.

We called home every week. Annya is always the central topic of the conversation.

Annya has quickly adjusted to her new home and the coming and going of my sisters and in-laws, my nephew and the many relatives. She is a happy girl with a big appetite, what she can gulp everyday amazes everyone. Everyday, she eats a lot of milk,almost a whole egg, farm hen, the best baby formula (that every little chinese kid eats), fish, vegetables ... She loves spicy food.

She is the darling of everyone. However, she definitely has created a lot of work for everyone too. For half a month, my mom is going to a hospital to get some treatment for her knee problem, so my sister has to take the the time off to take care of Annya.

I feel guilty that they have to sacrifice so much.

Emma still says she misses Annya. Every a few days, she would say:

"Mommy, when will Annya come back?"
"She will be back in July."
"But mommy I cannot wait."

Sometimes, she would suddenly cry: "Mommy I miss Annya!"

That makes me sad. That makes me wonder too, what it is in Annya that makes her so missed? Emma does not mention nearly as much about her grandma and grandpa, even they always had good times together; she rarely mentions Leo, her dad.

I had another parent meeting with Dawn, Emma's teacher. Again, Dawn said many good things about Emma. We talked about the seperation between Leo and I, about my parents and Annya leaving for china. I have not detected a lot (or I just do not remember) of impacts these things had on Emma, however, Dawn said Emma was a little "off" the first couple of weeks when we moved out and into another place. Then she became herself, happy, curious, chirpy, talky.

She and mena has become great friends in school. She and Jamie have become fast friends at home. They do a lot of things together on weekends. Jamie is almost one year younger than Emma, somehow she looks bigger. She is a very capable and smart girl.

Time flies. However, sometimes it feels not fast enough.

Thursday, April 10, 2008
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