April 30, 2008

LOVE Emma and Annya

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The number of photos of Annya grows exponentially. My sister never stops taking and sending them to me. My mom said my sister was so in love with Annya and so babied her, probably more so than I ever did (she was critical of me, of my casual style of caring a baby). Every time I call home, I can hear Annya babbling loudly over the phone, while my sister and mom laughs and explains how Annya eats, sleeps, being extraordinarily cute and happy.

They say she loves dancing and music, crawls all over. Best of all, she loves to eat. They say she has developed a daily routine of napping, snacking, eating and playing now. They say she can say: ye-ye (grandpa) and bao-bao (hold me) and is starting to say po-po (grandma). They say she can stand without support. She walks from furniture to furniture.

I love the pictures streaming over in my inbox. I love that little bald cute baby. Never thought bald could look so good. I love her smiles.

On the home front, Emma and I are taking good care of each other. We are a good pair. We play, talk, laugh, bicker, do chores (laundry, she put in the coins and throw clothes into the dryer and washer; cooking, she cracks eggs and cut tomatoes).

I love (also frown at) that in the morning she pretends to be sleep still, looping her arms around me, her body warm and soft; love that she say to me: “Mommy, you have not give me good night hugs and kisses.” She also says: “Mommy, I will never be a bad guy, because then I would scare you away, then where do I find you?”

I love that mommy is the most important thing to her. The other day we were reading a simple story: a baby hippo lost her mommy in the tsunami and she cried “ma, ma, ma …” Emma was so sad that tears streamed down her cheeks and she could not stop crying.

I just love them. LOVE Emma and Annya.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
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