April 15, 2008

Emma's funny talks

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There should have been many funny talks from Emma had I collected them. Too bad, I did not.

However, I did remember a few.

In English, Emma surely have more and more authority. So she corrects me sometimes, "Mommy, not party. It is POTTY", "No, not Necklace, it is Nickolas." ...

However, in Chinese, she definitely need more years to become a "native". Yesterday, we were listening to song, a girl was singing: "Do not ask me why I 流浪(roam around)". Emma was confused, she asked: "Why she say 牛奶 (milk)?"

Of course, she confuses verbs and adjectives and nouns all the time.

Then there is a joke from her about Jesus. She went to Church with Jamey her friend. When she came back, she told me: "Mommy, they told us a story about Cheeses." "Cheeses and Mary. That Mary, Mary had a little lamb"

Of course, the classic is this:

In school, each child is asked about what their mommy and daddy do at work.

Emma's answer: "My mommy types on the computer. My daddy looks at books".

(Another child got it even better: "My mommy pops popcorns. My daddy pops popcorns too. They are popcorn makers!".

Emma's friend mena said: " ... my dad works in a coffee shop ...")

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
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