March 24, 2008

Week 3

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This from Ding Hong, my sister.


Week 3.

This is the third week since Annya and my mom and dad has left for Chengdu. Whenever we called home, they would tell me a lot about Annya.

The first week was tough to Annya, she seemed to have permannently attached to my mom, no one could get hold of her. She carefully checked out everyone. She watched intensely every new person in the household, my nephew, my sisters, my in-laws. In week 2, she started to warm up to them, allowing them to take her out to play, to feed her, to play with her, as long as my mom is nearby.

Back to my mom's home territory, food is five times better and fresher. My mom said Annya ate really good, milk, chicken, soy milk fresh from the grinder, fruits ...

Annya sleeps very good. Weaned from breast milk, she now sleeps through without any feedings. My mom sleeps better too.

Most likely she is having a wonderful time. She ah-ahed to me when they put her on the phone, while her toy duck was busy quacking and laying eggs. My dad said that she was so funny she tried to fish eggs out of the duck's tommy.

I think Emma and I have pretty much adjusted to our routine, which is pretty much the same. We go out on weekends, doing a lot of things. On weekday evenings, I read to her, books after books or we read together. With some help, she can finish the pre-reader level books. We read Chinese books too. We do little Arithmetic with our fingers or oranges or gold fish.

Every once in a few days, Emma would say: "Mommy, I miss Annya". Me too. I promised her after Annya came back, we would never leave one another again.

I still could not get her to sleep early or get up early.

Monday, March 24, 2008
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