March 13, 2008


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Hello everyone! We hope everyone is doing well these days. Life in the Investigators' Room is busy as usual. The Investigators are a very happy group and have been really enjoying themselves these days. The transition from Emily to Betsy has been a relatively smooth one. It was helpful for Betsy to spend time in the room with Emily to get the children used to the change. Emily sent us a postcard from Arizona and we will be mailing her a letter to keep in touch with her.

The Investigators have become little engineers and architects these days. They love working together to build a house, garage, city, etc. and they always have a definite plan in mind when they are building their structures. Their creations are becoming more detailed and they expand on each other's ideas. The blocks provide so many opportunities for math activities, such as measurement, balance, and symmetry, as well as exploration of physical science concepts. Language development is huge in this area, along with the practice of motor skills and problem solving. It's great to see them work together in this area!

We have also been changing the dramatic play area ("housekeeping") more frequently. The children really seem to enjoy taking on different roles in this kind of play and it's helpful for them to work out any issues they may be having. Also, it's just fun! © We changed the house into a firehouse, which they really loved. They were talking about putting put out fires for awhile beforehand and we thought it would be the perfect way for them to pretend to be firefighters.

And we cannot say enough about the water table!! They LOVE to explore and investigate the properties of water. They are constantly using problem-solving skills to figure out how to make bubbles, how to make things sink/float, how to make the water move, etc. We try hard to keep them dry, but the water does tend to get everywhere while they are playing.

We have also completed our Family Unit with a huge success!!! We LOVED learning more about your children and their families and what is important to them. They did a wonderful job "presenting" their things to the class and their friends really enjoyed looking at their pictures and other special things from home. They also enjoyed hearing us read their grandparent/family letters to them. It was a very special experience for everyone (and we loved hearing what all of you were like when you were younger O). We really enjoyed this unit and we hope you did as well!

3_2_1_Blast Off

The Investigators are blasting off to outer space! Our next unit will be all about outer space. It will be very interesting to see how it goes because it such a vast concept, but we are very excited about it (and so are the kids!) and have many math, science, art, and language/literacy activities planned. We will discuss the planets, the sun and moon, stars and constellations, and spaceships. We will also talk about the daily rituals on a spaceship and will get to try real space food! We already have a big stack of library books that they children have been looking at and judging from their excitement about them, we think this will be a lot of fun! Please feel free to bring in any space books you may have at home that we can read to the class.

We also have an "outer space" room in the back of the classroom. There is a spaceship for them to fly in and a space command center where the astronauts can talk to the people back on Earth. They are able to wear space helmets and air tanks for when they land on the moon. So far, this has been a huge area of interest are looking forward to the weeks ahead!

Thursday, March 13, 2008
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