March 13, 2008

Home alone with Emma

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My parents and Annya have arrived Chengdu. Annya was a terrific baby to travel with. She slept a lot and soundly, she barely cried, she waved effusively byes-byes to everyone with no discrimination, when she got to Chengdu, she coo-ed and babbled and immediately won the affection of everyone.

The class of instigators output newsletter once a month, faster than I post to blog. One more reason to be GUILTY.

Now my parents and Annya are gone, the house got a lot quieter, the once crowded one-bed-room now seems enormous and spare.

However the two days that just Emma and I spent together did not seem as empty, or lonely or bad. We have handled pretty well while adjusting to the quieter reality.

Emma remains very noisy, giggling nonstop. We fill our time with chores and books.

It is a lot quieter, however, with Emma, I am still filled with joy and purpose.

So maybe the life of a single-mom may be manageable at all.

Thursday, March 13, 2008
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