March 11, 2008

Gone for China

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My parents left with Annya last night. They won't be back until July or August.

There were no tears, though Emma was saying again and again: "but, mom, I will miss them!", "When will they come back?"

Me too. I miss them already. I wish they could come back tomorrow.

Annya has grown so much. She can wave bye-bye. Last night, she was all smiles waving big bye-byes to us. Her babblings are making more and more sense, she says "mama", "mama", "da-jie" (sister), "bao, bao"( hold me, hold me). She can do some finger plays. In the morning, shortly after she wakes up, she would to climp up to Emma's bed, smiles and laughing and jabbering. Every day when I come back from work, she would kick, scream, hold her hands out for me to hold her. The smiles, the joy on her face are irresistable.

I will miss her so much. I will miss my mom and dad so much.

Family is a such a strange thing. For a long time, the last thing i wanted is to live with or close to my families. But now, this time, living with my parents is the most wonderful thing. So happy and grounded and cozy and content. There are alwys tasty, always ready, always changing hot meals. The dishes are always quick to disappear. With them gone, weekend going-outs will not be as much fun, noisy, busy.

Now I am really alone. Well, not really. Emma is still giggling, non-stop talking. I do not what I would do without her. Still the house is half empty, so empty.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
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