February 07, 2008

In the past month ...

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(The past few months was totally swamped by work, endless work. With the little spare time I stole from work, I found myself obscessed with every twist and turn of the never-ending election soap opera. News reading somehow becomes an intoxicating pasttime. )


There seemed to be perpetual snow, forever cold for the past two months. Rain or shine, cold or hot, my dad wheeled Emma to school if it was not too cold, I did when it was. But I have largely skipped the ballet classes, sometimes intentionally, sometimes accidentally, the snow and the cold were part of the reasons, but I also feel that going to places was better that wedging the half-hour-or-less ballet class into a preciously free Saturday.

Christmas was long gone. However we were still doing parties. It was the time of Chinese New Year. Because of my parents, celebrating the Chinse New year became a must. So my parents and Emma got to see The Chinese New Year Specular, which Emma liked a lot and my parents disliked a lot. We also went to see another party hosted by the Chinese consulate, which we adults enjoyed a lot while Emma was not quite as impressed. Somehow the new year of this year felt different, it filled my lung with pride and joy of being chinese but also a great deal of nostagia and sentimentality.

On any ordinary nights, Emma studied Chinese with my mom. They filled pages after pages with Chinese characters. Everytime Emma finished her writing, she requested my dad to circle the good ones and mark them with stars! Then she turned those stars into star babies with eyes and proud smiles.

Now Emma can write 40 to 50 chinese characters in only 3 months. It far exceeded my expectation. I had not thought this possible, to sit a 4-year-down every night, then teach her the dry-to-bone chinese. Somehow Emma enjoyed it. She also learned other important things by studying Chinese, e.g., how to hold a pen correctly, how to write a character in its correct order and position different parts correct.

Chinse and American early education go different (even opposite) directions, as with a lot of other things. However by being taught both, Emma benefits from both.

As for her literacy in English, she made a lot of progress too.

Now about my dear Annya baby ...

Changes happen overnight. She is a crawling baby now, she crawls around. She also tries to move around by carefully move from furnitures to furnitures.

Annya still does a lot of ba-ba-ba ... talk. However, sometimes she surprised and delighted us by calling "ma" (mom) and "bo" (hold me in chinese).

She enjoys working with her hands, like Emma did, doing some finger plays, signing baby sign ...

Annya is Annya. She still puts everything, edible or not, into her mouth. But we are all so happy that she is not a picky eater at all, she eats everything, enjoys everything, smacking her lips to let us know how she likes certain food.

Emma is Annya's great defender and playmate but sometimes a bully too (sometimes she would take Annya's toy away, sometimes she would object if I praise Annya too much).

Thursday, February 07, 2008
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