February 27, 2008

Emma's art

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First, of course there was nothing. We started making a fuss when Emma could barely held a pen.

Then, she dragged her pen across a page, she made a black, or red, or green smear of a page. Or she made lots and lots what we called as "spider webs", lines of circles and circles, black and messy.

Or she made hand prints or foot prints

Then she could draw a round head with two eyes and a mouth, two sticks with forks at the ends (that is a hand).

Then she could draw this, that and a lot of things. Then her drawings/arts really look good, with beautiful colors and a wonderful mix of things: Annya, mommy, herself, birdies, fish in a bowl, houses, trees and flowers, a lot of trees and flowers ... like the following

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
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