January 11, 2008

Little Annya baby

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Annya is 8 months old now. Too bad, I do not have a month-by-month album for her as I did for Emma.

Annya has started to crawl, however painstakingly and reluctantly. Putting her on a position of all-fours is enough to make her cry. When she crawls, she does not quite know how to work with her hands, shift them then move forward. So even though she often propells herself forward with her legs, her hands remain the same position and stop her right there... then she cries as loudly as she could, my parents then would relent and pick her up. I mostly would persist. So lately, she greatly prefer my mom over me. Ouch, that hurts.

Emma was a bit of late crawler too. I remember on a cool summer morning when she was eight or nine months old, I took her to the beach. She would not budge her butt, while there was a little boy of her age crawled on the sand as fast as a bug escaping for life, I could not help eyeing him with great envy.

So will Annya master crawling late? She is probably already a little late. But she has been pretty physical and agile otherwise. She is eager and happy to pull herself up on anything, our hands or knees, some bars or chairs. She laughs when we walk her and she moves along with two little shaky legs. Her eye-hand coordination is so extraordinary that whenever I put her on the table, she would manage to grab and smash a dish or too. There was no stopping her, because she was so fast and forceful.



The often-warned-about sibling rivalry has never happened in this household. Emma is still the most wonderful, loving and proudest sister. Her only fault is that sometimes she is too rough for Annya. Annya adores her, she smiles at her.

Lucky me. I have both of them!

Friday, January 11, 2008
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