January 06, 2008

Emma's story

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While I am too busy to blog, Emma's stories and art works surely fill in the blank, however they do not make sense to anybody but herself.

All the frogs were doing tricks and they were so funny because they smelled the flowers and tried to put their legs all the way down to the bottom. And then a butterfly was trying to get a shell and the butterfly lifted it up and the shell said "put me down! Put me down!" And then he tried to get another shell and the shell said "put me down! Put me down! Put a little snail in me" He wanted to crawl inside. And then more of the little snakes were crawling and they said "Get a piece of fruit and so the little bird could eat the fruit". The cows were moving in the farm and the farmer was trying to put the hay in their mouths and all the farmers were trying to throw it in their mouths and then they always catch something. And the cow did a trick and they would give them some candies. And then the frogs were lauging because of a bead, it cannot talk but they were laughing and they could not stop laughing and they laughed every day, every evening and morning.

Sunday, January 06, 2008
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