December 07, 2007

Chicago Elementary Schools Ranked Among top 50 State Wide

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I have posted this on my techie blog: Programmatically Speaking. But since this is very important to me, I double post here.

Knowledgable friends always admonish me: "Do not send your kids to a public school, Otherwise you will ruin them. Move to the surburb. "

Well, there are so many sides of Chicago public schools, good ones, not-so-good ones, bad ones ..., magnet, classical, gifted centers, community ... test-based, open-enrollment, lottery picked ... Based on the 2006 Chicago Sun Times school ranking, it turned out, the best elementary school in the state of Illinois is not from the upper-class suburb Wilmette, or Buffalo Grove, or Barrington, it is Decatur Classical right here in north Chicago. There are other eight schools made in the top 50 elementary schools of the state Illinois.

From next year on, I will cross my fingers for Emma to get in one of them. (Or have not I already?)

The map is available at: Chicago Elementary Schools Ranked Among Top 50 State Wide (based on Sun Times 2006 rankings). I will soon make another map based on 2007 rankings.

Friday, December 07, 2007
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