November 06, 2007

There was an ice cream in the flower - A new story by Emma

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There was an ice cream in the flower. When the flower was gone, the pumpkin was waiting for all the pickles to come in the house. And then there was a mess in the bathtub. The pumpkin opened up his smile. How could there be such a big mess there? And then he went out in his garden to help his garden grow because his flowers say they wanted water. The flowers was talking jokes and then all the flowers were laughing at him. And then the box was leaving. He was coming in there and then he said: "What are you doing in the shed?" He was a silly one! And then the pumplin said: "come on back to the house, you're so silly." They opened up the present and they had a big surprise for the plants because it was one of the plants' birthdays.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007
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