November 29, 2007

ba, ba, ba ... how Annya has grown

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May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. Well, almost December.

Wow, Annya is almost seven months old.

I feel enormously guilty. For so many months, I have barely written about her. Almost every single activity is about Emma, singing, dancing, playing, going around... Little Annya had no say whether to go along or not. Sometimes we drove so far and She screamed and kicked at the back seat, while Emma was all jolly, talking, talking and singing, totally insensitive. But most of the time, she was just so calm, content and always beautiful. I have cries of "unfair" for her many many times.

There was a cover story in the Time regarding the birth order of siblings and the conclusion was that older (especially the first-born) children have more advantages and are generally more accomplished (like the Clinton brothers), they have undivided care and affection of their parents ...

I am not convinced by the story. However, I do think Emma really had so much more. She gets more doses of me. Even so, she still vies for my attention. On the other hand, Annya gets a mostly wonderful sister, who is loud and loving and proud, who is very stimulating and playful.

No matter what, Annya has grown so very beautifully. She is the textbook version of how a healthy happy baby should grow.

She started to recognize people and be choosy when she was four months old (probably even earlier)

She could sit up when she was five months old

She could roll over front-to-back and back-to-front when she was six months old

She could laugh out loud, really loud when she was six months old

She had her first two teeth at the end of her six months

She started to ba-ba three days ago.

Wow, the night before, she ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-ba , ba -ba ...

That was the most beautiful sounds in the world

I was soaked in love all over about her

Thursday, November 29, 2007
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Syeda said...

Wow, they grow up soo fast. Glad to know u guys are doing well.

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