October 30, 2007

What do the teachers say about Emma?

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I have the highest regard of Emma's personality, she is wonderfully social, contagiously happy, unbelievably articulate. She is funny, amusing and loves to be amused. She is the opposite of me and her dad. I love her and everything about her. However, I never think she is anything out of the ordinary. I do not think she is gifted or particularly brilliant.

Not so, no so, not by her teachers. Today we had a parent meeting with her teachers, and after the meeting, I found myself intoxicated by the praises, by the one after another beautiful comments her teachers Down and Bev gave her.

They said, with unbridled enthusiasm:

(I paraphrase in the following)

Oh, Emma is just phenomenal. Her fine motor skills are so good. No kid in her age has reached her level. She can draw very well.

She is very verbal, very articulate. Her English is wonderful, is way above ... plus she has two languages. ... Sometimes there is a glitch because of the two languages, but once we show her the correct way, she quickly takes it in.

Her academic skills is very advanced. We will not be surprised if she learns to read early. She probably will.

She is brilliant. She will be very successful in her life.

She has the predisposition to be a good student. She is very pleasant, does what she is told. Not just in a "well, whatever" but "sure, yes," very positive way. We never have to tell her twice.

She is in a very good place.

She is very happy. She has a very good sense of humor and she knows it. She likes to tell jokes, then she laughs. If you do not laugh, she would look at you, as if saying "why do not you laugh?" "Am I not funny?"

She is very curious. And her desire to learn is such that sometimes it is a little intrusive. She wants to know everything, She always asks: why. Sometimes we have to keep her back a little bit, then she steps back. But you can see the question is written in her face.

She is very social. She is the only one to greet people. She is our unofficial greeter. When people come in, she would look. We say, "this is Emma", and she says "Hello.". She is the only one who does that.

She loves her friends. Her friends love her. She loves Sally. They do not get into each other as much. Both of them are very verbal, that is why sometimes they clash, but they do not do that anymore.

She is in a very good place.

She tells very good stories too.

"Do you have any questions?"

"Oh, sometimes I listen to other kids talk and see them do things, I would think 'oh, Emma has not been there yet'"

"No, no, with Emma, you do not have worry. She is brilliant."


What parents would not smile in their dreams with a child like this? What parents would not be grateful for a wonderful child like Emma?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
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