October 24, 2007

My parents came to the town

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An article in The New Yorker reads: "Like many people, I started blogging out of an urgent need to procrastinate. Yet a nagging sense of possibility also drew me in. " I do not have a clue what this guy means, even after I read the whole article to search for a clue. Nonetheless,
I started to reflect on my motive of doing my blog. Out of parental pride? Probably. Just wanted to show off Emma's beautiful baby pictures. To my delight, pride and surprise, the blog just kept growing ... pictures, videos, Emma's doodling, and my mumbo-jumbos.

I wrote down many of the big changes, big events over the four years, Emma's going over to China, Annya's birth, buying a condo. But sometimes I skipped, neglected, out of habitual inertia, laziness or whatever. For example, my parents have come to live with us and Leo's mom has gone for over a month now. To me, it is a big relief, at least finally I am comfortable at my own home again. And I got so much much more help. Annya's life is easier too. She quickly formed a bond with my mom, she loves my mom and my mom loves her so. She carries her (I have to tell her to put Annya down sometimes), play with her and sing to her all the time. She tells me all the little progresses Annya made. "Today, Annya just held me and put her face against mine again and again." Emma was happy too from the first day they came. She jokes and giggles, she even allows my mom to take her to bed. She always have such a good and comfortable time when she is alone at home with my parents. Last week, she was sick and had to stay home, then the third she even complained about going to school. She would rather stay home with my parents! I do not know what magic my parents used.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
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