October 15, 2007


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The Investigators are a happy group and we have been having a lot of fun these days. We finished our unit on water, which was a big success, and continue to experiment with water in our water table. Using different cups, funnels, sieves, soap, turkey basters, toys, etc. in the water allows for exploration of the properties of water. Language growth is huge in this area; the children make predictions with their friends about what will happen using different tools in the water and also confirm their hypotheses in the same way.

Another very popular area of play lately is the block area. The children are constantly constructing their own ideas when they are building and talk with each other about how to execute those plans. When the children make bridges and ramps in a pattern and determine which type of block will work best to make the piece stable, they are using pre-math skills. We will be expanding this area due to the need of the children needing more space to construct and build their ideas.

As you already know, we have added a Story Wall to the classroom. This is a literacy activity that allows the children to realize that what they say is important and that print has meaning. The stories are very different from each other; some are actual stories while others are quotes. Regardless, they are all wonderful stories! We will change them every month so you can witness how much they change as the year will go one. They have responded well to this and love when we write down what they say.

The children have also been very much into the marble maze. They have been constructing these amazing structures that require a lot of teamwork and thought about how to make the pieces fit so the marble can travel down to the bottom. The plastic tubes also add another element to their structures. When the children attach them, they make the marbles move faster or slower and the children have been excited trying to figure out how this works. They also use these tubes to make different instruments and have been very creative with how they sound and work, which brings us to our next unit...

The Investigators have always been a group that loves music, whether it is through singing or dancing. We sing finger plays on a daily basis at circle time and the children are always so eager to learn new on. There has also been a lot of discussion of the types of instruments and how they sound. Since they are very interested in music and what the sounds the instruments make, we have decided to focus our next unit on music!

We have many literacy, math, science, and art activities planned, such as having the children create their own music and songs, introduce the names of instruments and what sounds they make, sing finger plays, songs, and chants, and experimenting with different types of instruments, such as percussion, wind, brass, and string. We will also expand into the different types of music and movement. We are looking forward to this and expect the kids to really dive in because there has already been so much discussion about music now that Susan Salidor, the musician, comes in once a week.

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Monday, October 15, 2007
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