October 09, 2007

Emma's stories

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Emma is not my type. I am a quiet, socially-quite-awkward one, though all my family has a vivid memory of what a talktive little child I was. Emma is different, she talks and talks, laughs and laughs everyday and all day long, from morning to evening. Sometimes she is caught by her thoughts (sometimes disjointed, sometimes flowing), and she quickly wanders through one topic to another and does not always make sense. Sometimes she is just silly. Sometimes she is herself, a little girl with abundance of innocence and cuteness, sometimes she is playing someone else, pretend to be a teacher or me or just an adult. Anyway, she talks and talks. She drives me crazy sometimes, especially at her bed time.

So she has made a lot of collectable little talks. But these few weeks, her school pays special attention to them and writes down some of them (some kids talk really funny. Like this one by Tommy. "My mommy says I am a jumping bean. At night, when I jump on the bed, my mom says 'No one beans jumping on the bead") Since they are in writing and put on the story wall, they assume a fair amount of importance. So I decided to be the copy cat, and put whatever is in writing on the web (they do not make much sense though).

Story 1
The S was waiting for the A. The star says "The End". The outside makes it fly. And the arrow says start.

And then when I was walking to the phone in my house and I was talking and it was raining. And somebody's sister was saying "Hello, Hello" and you did not like it and then the phone rang and it was Mary Beth and She said "Is it Emma?" And I talked all by myself and mommy did not even talk.

Story 2:

One day my mommy was cooking dinner., but I did not see anything because I was in the bedroom and was trying to sleep. And the car was driving on somebody's head. The summer .. The birds were hatching eggs. When the eggs start to crack the mama birds went to get some food and they said "where is my mother". When the sun set down and they were all playing on the beach. After the car then the clouds were going the sky the sun was getting up. and the flower on the bicycle was landing on the octopus.

Story 3:

The people were hiding behind the flowers and inside the flowers there were toys. Inside the toys then there was nothing else, there was just candy canes. And inside the candy canes there was trees and a piece of chicken with all the letters on the refrigerator. And a snowman outside.

Story 4:
He's scared with a big sock. And there was ribbon, a Christmas ribbon. By the house there was a rabbit eating a carrot. and there was a lollipop in there and waiting for the pickle.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007
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tere616 said...

Hi, I have to say that Emma looks like me and my youngest daughter. The way we talks sometimes makes people bored or didn't understand the subject. It's just because we speak out of half of our thinking.

But it's okay anyaway if Emma didn't looks like you, since my oldest daughter also different with me. She more looks like her father.

Beautiful picture of your daughters. Send my regards to them.

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