October 05, 2007

Busy weekends

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Have not blogged for nearly two weeks. Reasons? Too busy, too busy. When I am busy, my blogs are the first casualties. I wish I had the same discipline with my blogs as with my work. Somehow, when deadlines at work are hanging, I would simply forego anything and stay up at night however long to get my work done. Somehow, there is a 'must', 'absolute' feeling in my head. Not with my blogs, nor with the housework, nor any self-arranged plans. I am that little horse who constantly needs a stick and a carrot to keep me going ... ...

Now the summer is gone, and autumn set in almost unnoticeably. And now Emma's weekends become busy, really busy. Saturday she takes Gymnastics and Ballet class, Sunday she takes Make-believe at the Old Town school. Since she is older, we parents are not required to accompany her any more. We are not even allowed to peek, at least this is the case with her ballet class. But she surely has grown out the mommy-with-me-everywhere phase too (next year will she start to push me away? People say kids start to claim their Independence and distance themselves from parents around 5. Bittersweet). She is so much at ease in her classes and she enjoys them very much. Last Sunday, after she came back from her make-believe class, she even did a little of the 'The ginger bread man' play. "

Friday, October 05, 2007
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