September 14, 2007

Oh, the many concerts we have been to. And dancing shows!

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I am a parent frugal by nature (inherited the genes); by upbringing (born and raised with a scarcity in everything, food, books, no toys to speak of) and by reality (two little kids, a meager income, and burning desire for the kids to become something). So Chicago is wonderful place to be. Well, other big us cities must be more or less the same. But ignorant me, Chicago is the only place I know and I just started to know and feel a little more everyday. Only in this summer I started to discover Chicago through the prism of motherhood. What I have discovered is only the tip of the iceberg of the culture that Chicago has offered. Best of all, they are free and good. I need things to be free, free so I do not have to feel the sting and pull of my tight budget string.

Oh, my, the many concerts, dance shows and cultural festivals we had been to this summer. Most of them had performers that have national fame, made cds, appeared on TV and movies.

We went to the crazy, screaming, teenagers-swarmed T-squad concert. There, standing on the lawn, shouldering Emma and sun-baked, I felt my heart throbbing with excitement. I was also sorely, sourly reminded that the youth that has totally passed by me. Emma was not very impressed, she complained about the blasting music. However, many days after, she talked about so-and-so's hair, so-and-so's white shirt, and so-and-so's dance moves.

We went to a children's sing-along concert where Ella Jenkins performed. The Ella Jenkins, the mother of Chicago Children's music! Again, in the hot summer sun. Again, Emma's reaction was barely there. But I was impressed by the simple almost plain yet soothing music about chicken, cows and saying hellos in different languages. I was moved by the frail, simple, short little black lady who has created so many music and has become such a legend. Emma must have caught my enthusiasm, for she would pointed proudly at Ella Jenkins in the picture and say, look, that is Ella Jenkins.

We went to the Ralph's world. That was a raucous, energetic concert. We shamelessly made our way to the very front of the stage. While many little kids jumped, danced, swung along the beats, Emma kept her cool. She looked even drowsy. At the end of the show, I dragged, carried her to the stage, among a thousand of other enthusiastic, camera-crazy and sweaty parents with their babies or teenagers.

We went to a classical concert at Ravinia, with other kids at Emma's school. I do not understand a thing about classical music, nonetheless, I breathed deep in the air filled with music. It was serene. Emma ran around with little kids in her school.


We also have been a lot of dancing performances, Korean dancing (amazing costumes), Spanish Dancing, a youth company that packed a whole hour of nonstop dances of all genres (top, contemporary, modern, whatever), Indian contemporary dancing, Ariel acrobatic dancing (beautiful, beautiful, and with captivating plots), tap dancing, tap dancing again ...

Then shows, movies, movies and shows ...

Annya, my little bundle, my little package, was with us everywhere, all the time. Wonder how much was she soaked in all this and that? And anyway, she was the best baby all the time. The cutest too. Everywhere, people would stop to look at her and smile and say: "oh, what a beautiful baby!"

So that is the end of the summer.

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Friday, September 14, 2007
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shuhong said...

Hey my old-time friend from days of I-house!

You are definitely a very resourceful and motivated mom. Very inspiring for me, really.

- SH

Xun said...

Thanks, Shuhong. A nice surprise to hear and read you at my little blog. Thanks for the complement too.

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