August 06, 2007

Niki in the Garden

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This woman, Niki de Saint-Phalle, is fun. "I often have the irresistible urge ... to make crazy fun things". And the exhibit Niki in the Garden at Garfield park is crazy, fun, spectacular, totally unconventional, (not those arts in the museum, on the wall, somber, serious, you are supposed to worship, yet you just feel bored and like an idiot).

Her nana/woman figures are voluptuous, gigantic, exuberant and utilitarian (situating in the midst of tall trees, they are variably water sprinklers, fountains, or water pots, or even chairs). The colors are so bright, alive and cheerful. The materials are glass fiber, stones, or whatever, I am no artist. And the animal sculptures are extraordinarily fun, cat, seal, a pair of colorful lions and alligator. As if they have been happily waiting for years and years that grass grows around their feet, and they are impatient for kids to touch and climb, to jump up and down, to explore them inside out, be totally at ease with them. How kids love the alligator! How Emma loves the alligator. She climbed on its tail again and again, she tried to climb up along its body, oh, no, too high, too difficult (she is such an timid, cautious kid that I am so glad that she had such fun climbing). She walked inside its tommy. She touched its body, which has scaly sandy skin and smooth glossy bumps (made of green shiny stones(?)).

Emma so enjoyed the sculptures that we back in after we left the first time. In the end, Mary Beth sat down with her in a little kids art program making totems. And me? I took pictures. And I got lots.

(Again and again, I am amazed that being a kid is such fun. And art, something is supposed to so out of reach, is actually so within reach. Creating art can be so easy and can be done in so many ways. Anything can be art, or part of art. Stones, shells, flower seeds, threads, beads. Art can be anywhere. Gardens, parks, home, school. This summer makes me love Chicago. The exhibit makes me want to read a lot more about Niki. And she is so beautiful. Makes me jealous)

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Monday, August 06, 2007
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bokumbop said...

Hey - you are in Chicago! I clicked on your link from Kimchi Mamas. Hope you enjoyed the blog, and we;ll see you around!

Peace said...

Annya has such beautiful skin. Her smile so nice. Enjoyed listening to Emma's song. She sang well. She can talk very well indeed.

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