August 06, 2007

An investigator is she

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In Emma's school, kids in the 2-3-year-old-class are called adventurers, 3-4-year-old are investigators, then 4-5-year-olds are explorers. (Grand names, big terms. So such impossibly sophisticated words are among the first English words Emma learned.) Anyway, in July, Emma was promoted from an adventerer to an invistigator.

Activities for an invistigator are abundant, more varied, mature and fun. There are even more categories, math, science, reading, dramatic play, music, physical... Everyday, the little white board outside of the room is proudly filled with what-we-do-today activities. Every time when I stop to read, I cannot help but wow. The teacher has talked with the kids about oceans, the earth, they pretended to go to London or the Mars. They do dances. Emma even learned about captain and pirates. Wow. In contrast, the adventurer's room kind of falls apart, since the new teacher is not quite up to the standard.

I am so glad Emma is an investigator now. So is she. She sometimes would remind us that she is an investigator. But she is also eager to go to camp (because Arther goes to camp), she has asked me so many times: "Mommy, when do I go to kindergarten? When do I go to camp?"

Monday, August 06, 2007
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