August 28, 2007

From Investigators' Newsletter

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The following is from the newsletter of Emma's class (August 2007). I am totally heartened.


The Investigators are a very fun and happy group of children. They are always so busy doing different activities in the classroom. They love painting with different textures and creating their own unique object with the supplies. In housekeeping, the children have enjoyed pretending to be doctors and "taking care" of the babies and each other. Another favorite thing to do is play restaurant, where they write down their friends' food orders and serve them food. In the block area, the kids have been experimenting with building ramps and bridges with the blocks for the cars to drive on. They also love constructing houses for the animals! There are many houses that are constantly under construction O. Another area of the room that is quite popular is the small manipulative area, where the children play games, build with legos or the marble maze, put puzzles together, and work with small table top manipulative toys.

One other important area in the room is the writing table. The children have really enjoyed spending time there making cards, books, etc. We are always writing down their words about the pictures so make sure to read them when they get sent home because they truly are great. We have been displaying some of their pictures around the room-the kids have hung them up themselves!

All of these areas provide so many opportunities for math activities, such as measurement, balance, and symmetry, as well as exploration of physical science concepts and pre-literacy skills. Language development is huge in these areas, along with the practice of motor skills and problem solving. It's great to see them work together!

Circletime in the Investigators' Room is always a fun time where we meet to read a book, dance, and sing fingerplays. It is also the time to talk about what we are currently learning about in the classroom. Usually in the beginning of the year, circletime does not last more than ten minutes or so because of the attention span of the kids. I try to keep it brief, yet fun and engaging. As the year goes on, we will expand on it depending on where the kids are at. As of now, we do some dancing, as well as read a book and sing fingerplays (which is a pre-literacy skill). The kids love to sing and they already have some favorite songs! We also briefly (and I mean briefly because once we start talking everyone wants to talk © ) discuss what we are currently learning about. It's always a busy time and the kids enjoy circletime very much.

Our next unit will be all about water!! The Investigators are a very curious group, so we thought we would turn into scientists and experiment with water. We have many math, science, art, and pre-literacy activities planned that pertain to water. Our discussion about water started last week; we talked about how we use it, and what happens when you add things to water. We plan on really diving into it (no pun intended O) the next couple of weeks so please continue to read the board to hear about all of our exciting things we are doing!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
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