August 27, 2007

Ah, the past two weeks

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The past two weeks had been busy at work. It had been busy and fun at home. Interests and energy to blog waxed and waned, then washed off among my busy schedule. Therefore, I have a two-week gaping hole in my blog. It happens all the time anyway. It is always hard to self-disapline.

Anyway, in the past two weeks, we have:

1) Watched Contemporary Indian Dance and Tap Dance at the Cultural center. Fabulous dances. Both Annya and Emma enjoyed. Yes, even Annya. In the dim light, Annya stared at the stage throughout the show, her eyes bright and concentrated.

2) Been to the a miniature performance of Cirque Shanghai at the Harold Washington Public library. Again, the show was stupendous. Only too-oo short. It lasted only about 20 minutes, while we waited for about an hour in line to get in.

3) Emma's school was closed on Aug 16th and 17th. On Aug 16th, MB took her to see the show "Bear's Family Tree" at American Girl's place. The show was so-so, a kind of silly adults-playing-little-animals-without much thought or wit. So Emma was rightly not very engaged and MB concluded that the culture a child needs should be real culture, not a supposedly-children's-version.

4) On the same Saturday, the annual Air and Water show. Been there once already, neither Emma nor I was very interested. However, Leo and his mom could not get enough of it.

5) Sunday, I took Emma and Annya to MSI (museum of science and industry). It was a little challenging to take care of them both, walk around with one in stroller or my arms, while trying not to lose Emma. (Some people gave me sympathetic looks, that poor single mother with two little kids. But in a way, aren't I a single mother? Whatever help I can get from Leo is very very limited. Or in a way, aren't I taking care of three kids? with one who never grows up ...)

Anyway, we had a great time at MSI. Love the idea factory, the colors, the settings, the various projects just amazed me.

6) The following week was much more like any other week, we went to work, Emma went to school. Annya stayed with Leo's mom on Tuesday and Thursday, with MB on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She is getting very big now and have a full range of sounds and noises. Sometimes she looks at me or Emma and makes loud loud sounds with varying tones, as if she is arguing about something. Wow, I wish I could tell what is in her mind.

7) Oh, yes, on Thursday, we had an incredible storm. Trees were slashed off, one garage was toppled down, heavy rains poured down, the sky was menacingly dark ... Could not get hold of Leo, I carried Emma home. Both of us were soaked, drenched, totally, completely wet. But to Emma, it was an amazing adventure, she was too curious to feel scared, and she was flooded with a million of questions and sights she has never seen before. Mommy, look, the tree! Look, that man runs so fast, ha, ha... Mommy, is our house down? Will all the lights be blown away? ...

Too bad, no pictures for all the things we've done.


Monday, August 27, 2007
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