July 03, 2007

A week in a second

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The second week since I was back to week passed fast, so fast I could hardly rememeber anything has ever happened. Yes, there was Leo's mom hepatitis B scare (still need to deal with all the possibilities, and the anger, and the mixed feelings, confusion as to what to do. But like everything else, I am resigned. What can I do? ...)

Annya slept through most of the week, she always does. The three days (Friday, Saturdaywhen I was taking care of her Friday, Saturday and Friday) I took care of her, she slept about 18 hours a day. She slept so much that I started wondering if it is normal to sleep so much. Is there something in her brain kept from waking up and play? But when she is awake, she is wonderful. She coos a lot now, and often flashes big smiles to me, then she averts my eyes a bit as if shy. She can support her head quite good now. She likes going out a lot and a lot.

Sunday I took Emma and Annya to the Children's museum. Emma's little friend Alison went too. They had a good time together, working on picnics, playing at the water plants, watching shows ... We all love the children's museum. Always so much to play, so fun to stay.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007
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