July 26, 2007

Summer fun in Chicago

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How come I never knew there is soooo much going on in the city in the summer? Free, good programs everywhere (parks, museums, libraries), competing for my time and schedule. I was nuts jailing myself at home for years and years, bored and half-dead. I still would be the same if it were not for Emma. Now little kids brought out my energy and actions seeking fun. Like Mary Beth said, because of Emma, she found a new world, trees, new leaves, moon, everything now has a new life, and she sees them with fresh eyes.

Now I only need time, for fun and for work and for career advancement. (Sometimes I found myself madly happy. It must be the coffee I drink.)

Last Thursday, I took Emma to the Jammie night at the Evanston Library. Stories and songs, songs and stories, a room full of big kids and little kids and smiling parents, making wild gestures and funny silly sounds, pretending to be jelly fish, star fish... we had such a good time that Emma just did not want to leave even after it was ended.

Saturday and Sunday, there was ethnic arts festival. We did not go, instead, on Saturday we went to a block party Buffalo Grove, invited by Jin Jin. There we got to see and play in the big impressive fire trucks and ambulance. In the Sunday morning, a trip to the Nature museum, in the afternoon, a concert in the millennium park.

And there are all sorts of things to do this weekend, and next, and next ...


Annya, my little bundle, was with us all the time, to movies, libraries, museums, concerts. She is really heavy now, making my shoulders and arms sore. She has grown quite a lot, longer, heavier, much much more responsive. She has very gentle sweet smile, however when she is sad, she gives you such a sad hurted look. She becomes very good with her hands, eating them freely and making loud noise as if her hands are the most delicious food in the world.

Thursday, July 26, 2007
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