July 10, 2007

A little "poem" by Emma

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I do not know what poems are, but the other day what Emma said over dinner sounded like a cute, little poem to me, since I am lazy and busy to blog, I put her little "poem" below:

Growing Up Anytime, Everywhere

I grow up in the morning,
I grow up in the afternoon,
I grow up in the evening,
I grow up at night.

I grow up at my house
I grow up at Mary Beth's house
I grow up at school
I grow up inside
I grow up outside
I grow up everywhere

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
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Peace said...

Hi Xun, what a coincidence. I was about to visit you today. Yesterday I visited Life, and I was thinking of you, wondering how is your new baby. Ya Xun, having children cost a bomb. Living expenses are high too. I have started a new blog, MoneySick.com. I am going to blog about my google adsense experience. Tell you more there.

I saw an ads about Singapore. I click on it. Ads is good. It allows us to learn new things, especially any new websites that is interesting and probably means more opportunity (whatever you are looking for).

Thanks xun, you have a lovely blog, inspiring. You are blessed with a happy family. : )

Peace said...

Hi Xun, so did you see my answer at MoneySick.com? I am trying to have a balance in everything. Cheers.

Anonymous said...
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