July 16, 2007

Emma had a fever

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A busy week, a busy weekend as usual.

Emma was sick for most of week. Barely rid of the "pink eye" (an viral eye infection) she had the week before, she caught cold, then fever. Her fever lasted four days. Her temperature was tamed down a little (or a lot down to normal) in the morning, then jumped up to a scary high at night. But as usual, a visit to a doctor was superfluous. We did any way and was told: "It is very common. No worry. No medicine needed. Bring her back though if the fever does go away in x days".

(It is totally against my parents' philosophy which is pushing for very strong medicine. In their words, "Act early, kill the disease at bay". I appreciate the western approach, I do think it is better let our bodies fight rather than resort to stronger and stronger medicine. In many ways, I definitely think better of western values and approaches.)

Saturday MB and Emily took Emma and I to Monica's birthday party. Had some great views of the downtown's flowers and sculptures, and music too. However, Emma was quite sick and gloomy. Sunday I took her to a Folk music festival. None of the music interested her. But she had a lot of fun playing in the playground, and tasting a very sweet yellow ducky ice cream.

Monday, July 16, 2007
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