July 04, 2007

A diastrous piano lesson

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Emma is probably not built for pianos, not from her first disastrous piano lessons any way. Last week, MB signed up for a private piano lesson in a little musical instrument store (not terribly expensive). So yesterday Emma took her first piano lesson. She simply could not get IT. She could not even simply sit at the piano as she was told. She got off the bench every 10 seconds then talked aimlessly.

I got off work early to watch her. It was unwatchable.

The teacher, a young man, pointed a piano key, "Emma, this is A".

Emma moved her finger along,
"What is this?"
"What is this?"

The teacher: "Emma, let's not go through so many keys now."

Emma got off the bench, "I want to learn the thunder-making machine", referring to an instrument she saw the other day, then she walked away.


So in less than 20 minutes, the teacher stopped teaching, we gave up the hope for Emma to play piano. And Emma said emphatically: "I do not like piano for sure."

I do not care.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007
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