June 05, 2007

What else? More pictures

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These pictures are taken in a birthday party of a little girl Sonia. Sure enough, Annya slept through most of the party. It was boring anyway. Emma hovered around Annya all the time too, was only away for her share of cake, ice cream, a little kitty portion of food and a worthless junky sort of "Goodie bag". One thing I love the most is that she is so loving towards her little sister. And she is so proud of her little Annya.

Some notes:
1. Recently have posted many pictures and videos. Too many, I am afraid. Although videos and pictures are powerful and accessible to everyone, I am afraid it makes me lazy and "cheapens" the blog.
2. Now about writing. As much as I want to be insightful, funny and witty, all my writing is small talk. Oh, how cute, how lovely, how beautiful Emma and Annya are ( But they are). One day when Emma and Annya look back, they would be bored to tears by my account of them (for there is none).
3. Why birthday parties? I am anti-parties, anti-social, always a little skeptical, a little contemptuous of rituals of big, noisy, "why, everybody-is-supposed-to-do-it" parties, weddings or funerals or tiresome cake-laden birthday parties. But, have to admit, a lot of times I also feel the pull of parties, why? Everyone does it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007
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