June 20, 2007

Drawing a picture

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One thing I very much enjoy is to sit down with Emma and watch her write or draw pictures. It used to be one of our evening routines. Now with Annya coming to town, and with me going back to work, I do not get much time and chance to do that at all. We only managed to keep the nighttime reading routine, however, very often, it is interrupted or cut short because of Annya's cries. Emma never complains much, however, she keeps telling me: "Mommy, mommy, I miss you.", sometimes in tears. My heart aches.

Anyway, last Sunday, while Annya was sleeping, Emma and I sat down at her little table. We talked while she drew one picture after another.

I loved the pictures, however, what I loved most is how she gradually add various things to the pictures, how the pictures grow busier and busier, how she explains them, how her mind wanders around, how she depicts things in her everyday life in her pictures.

For example, in the above picture, she started to draw baby figure for mommy (her favorite subject), then she added shoes, and she decided to give an orange shirt. Then she changed her mind, she wanted me to have a ladybug shirt. Then black mops of hair. Then she remembered daddy cut my hair, so she added another baby on my head, indicating someone was cutting my hair. Now she moved on to add flowers, because she remembered on Mother's Day, daddy bought roses. So a lot of flowers, and with thorns ...

In this picture, she drew Annya sleeping in the bassinet. Again she put lots of flowers around. She also wrote down Annya's name

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
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Matt said...

Those pictures are adorable! As a teacher I understand that importance of letting children draw. It really stirs up their creativity.

Xun said...

Thanks for the comment.

Yes, I love the pictures too. Wish she could draw more. Really draw, not just smearing paint, and then it is fasinating listening to her talk about her pictures.

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