June 21, 2007

Back to work - new updates

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The first week has proven to be easy to me at work. No heavy loads. But it is a hell of week for Annya, I imagine. She refuses the bottle, she fights, only drinks milk when she reaches the point of starvation and desperation. Yesterday, she took only about 6 oz., too little. MB said often she frantically twisted her neck from side and side, flexing her arms, kicking, mouthing for milk, sucking, sucking in the air, only to find nothing but bottle, then she screamed ...

Poor, poor Annya. It makes me worry. Even though, in the evenings she constantly wants to be fed (which freaks me out, afraid that I run out of milk), She did not wake up much during the night.

Ah, the supply of frozen milk quickly builds up (hey, One oz of breast milk costs 3 dollars). I hope Annya learns sooner to enjoy the precious milk. If not, I have to donate the milk away)

The first week has proven difficult for Emma too, since every morning I have to leave early so to work out a bit and get back home early in the afternoon. Emma wants me to wake her up and watch her to school, so she cries and cries in the morning. She woke up yesterday and this morning at 6:30, then she demanded, begged and cried for me to stay with her ...

Yesterday, MB took Emma and Annya to downtown and we went to see the Carl Wirsum art exhibit, drawings, paintings, sculptures, puppets ... Some of the puppets are very funny and silly, we had good laughs. But we went to the Millennium Park, and of course, the incredibly whimsical, fun and kids-crowded crown fountain. Emma could not have enough of the water splashing ...

Too bad, no pictures

Thursday, June 21, 2007
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