May 23, 2007

Things to do

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With my planned 8-week-maternity leave, I thought I would have a long never-ending stretch of time to kill, to get bored to tears, to be fussy and irritated (I tend to have this kind of problem). After all, my mother-in-law has picked up most of chores and Annya is still in her very infant stage of doing nothing but eating and sleeping.

But no, not nearly so.

My time so far somehow are sliced into many pieces, some long, some short. A slice to breastfeeding and diaper-changing, a slice to cojoling a little smile from the baby (not very successful so far. She smiles mostly in her dreams and to herself), rocking and cooing and singing and talking whatever; then a slice to rest and clear out a big lump of mess (clothes, wash clothes); then some time for my books and movies I have long wanted to finish.

Gosh, I am so behind. There are so issues of The New Yorker that I only barely glanced (hi, once it becomes part of my reading list, I find myself no longer so eager to devour). And my movies (yesterday, I saw "Mrs. Anderson Presents"). Then I have planned to finish about one book per week. So far, I only have fast read parts of The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama (Surprised it was quite an easy read. Both delighted and disappointed. For I thought politicians would talk in grander and more complicated, comprehensive terms.) Yeah, I have also read Lee and Bob Woodruff's In an Instant (two moving, honest and vivid distinctive accounts from Bob Woodruff and his wife. I am more interested in their recount of the Beijing experience.)

And my blog! I am afraid I would never start on the redesign of the blog.

We have beautiful summer days now. Everyday. Actually I think Chicago is just beautiful, winter or spring, summer or autumn. Even in Rogers park, a not-so-good-at-all neighborhood with its large mixed populations of low income Hispanics and Blacks. Love the green everywhere, and the pink, red, yellow, white, purple ... Love the wind, breeze, occasional rain, the sky, the sunshine, and the incomparable lake.

I know China has changed quite a bit, no, drastically, dramatically. Nowadays China no longer resembles my old-days China. However, from the pictures sent from family, I still see a lot of grey concrete, not much green at all. The pollution is so terrible that the sky in Beijing is almost always grey. ... I think I love to be in America, even though i have to wait for my immigration paper for indefinite time. But in the mean time, longing to go back to China to see.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
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