May 09, 2007

Some bizarre (amusing) Chinese rules regarding postpartum care

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In China, postpartum care is a very serious business, and the rules as to how to take care of a new mom are numerous. Some of them are:

1. No going out, especially do not expose yourself or the baby to wind, especially cold wind. Put on your hat when you definitely have to go out.
2. No touching anything cold. Do not drink anything cold. Ice water as they provided in hospital registers as a big No-No.
3. Rest. Rest. Rest. Better just not get out of the bed at all.
4. No squatting. (Sounds so dubious and bizarre)
5. No sitting for too long.
6. Do not eat too much vegetables or fruits in the first couple of weeks (What???)
7. Eat all kinds of big fat foods, like eggs, chicken.
8. Beef up with ginger, and a slew of Chinese herbs.

I really would like to ignore every single rule, simply because first I feel fine, so fine; second, with my natural instinct of distrusting any Chinese tradition. However, all my Chinese folks (my mom, sister, leo's family, the people I love dearly) just keep warning me with the consequences, the consequences that I could in no way forsee.

"You are young. But wait till you are old ..."

It works like religion, I was thinking, if everyday everyone is telling you about the unknown heaven and hell, how on earth you could not succumb?

So consiously, unconsiously, half-heartedly, I followed the rules regarding postpartum care, just for some peace of mind.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007
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Anonymous said...

wow, they are soo similar to indian rules. the first 4 are exactly the same. I was also told to do this and dont do that etc. at first i didnt believe them and disposed them off as myths. but the first one did come true. both zoya and i got sick after going to the beach. after that i religiously followed all the rules, didnt care about my weight and my diets and ate as much fat foods as i could. hee hee. its amusing as i think back to it now. but i think it did help me bring my iron(i was anemic during pregnancy) and calcium back up. Take good care of ur self and all three babies.

Xun said...

Wow. Big surprise. And this is the first time someone outside of China gave these rules a nod. Wonder if this is a pan-Asia thing, or only American moms are tough nuts.

Thanks for commenting. Regards

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