May 16, 2007

A shining star

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It is still Emma's showtime, even though Annya has come to the world. People still gushes about Emma, how social, how charming, how funny, how articulate, how smart ... (I do not even need to play the adoring mom, feeling already uneasy about the unbridled praises) If Emma were a little older, she herself probably would feel quite embarrassed and uneasy.

Anyway, yesterday it rained. While Annya was sound asleep, while the rain pouring outside, I dug out some of the old videos of Emma. Leo's mom also brought a CD of old pictures and videos they took in HK, so I watched and laughed. Then I put a few on YouTube. The videos taken in HK are of very poor quality, however, Emma's charm still shines through. She is indeed a darling.

And what lovely memories.

And here they are

Reciting Chinese Poems (in HongKong)

Singing Chinese songs. What a singer (in HongKong)

Singing Chinese songs. What a singer (at Chicago)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
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