May 31, 2007

Playing with Annya

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Read somewhere that today's educated people believe that they are more likely (than their uneducated parents) to have a gifted child. Not really me. However, occasionally, secretly, I do daydream of a prodigy. Or at least my children be high achievers. Or successful professionals. (Be very honest though, I never wish them to be movie stars, models, or something along the line)

I also believe in the importance of stimulation in the early years. People say the first three or five years is the most crucial time period in a child's brain development. Though this is counter-intuitive to a lot of people, especially older people, people of my mom's generation and older. It is really hard to get my mom-in-law to take an effort to talk to or play music to the baby.

It is not entirely easy for me either, but I try these few things anyway.

A non-talker, I generally cannot talk very much, though I find it easier when I am alone with Annya. With her alone, I can talk in very silly long monologues;

Singing is natural and enjoyable to me, so is playing various music. With Emma, I have accumulated a lot of music. So I fed Annya a lot of music;

Longing to go out, I start to taking more and more walk outside, morning walk by the lake, evening walk to see the moon (with Emma too), afternoon walk to pick up Emma (then bus home). In most cases, Annya immediately goes to sleep when we go out, however, these two days, she seems to savor every minute, eyes wide open, her head tilting this or that way, she stares at everything within her sight;

Emily (MB's sister) gave her a few books (beautiful colors, high-contrast glossy patterns), she hasn't shown any interest. Both Emma and I have tried.

Oh, she will 1 month old tomorrow. So I will get her a few toys and a jungle-gym mat with a lot of mobiles.

Thursday, May 31, 2007
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