May 15, 2007

Mumbo Jumbo

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Once read in The New Yorker an article called "What is Normal" (about children affected with bipolar disorders), a woman was convinced that her son has bipolar disorder even before he is born. The reason? He was so restless even in her womb.

So if behaviors inside mom's womb is any indicator, Annya should be sweet yet competent. She never seemed restless in my womb, yet she was always a strong performer (My ob. doctor said she was a happy baby). Seems that she is the same way when she is out in the world. She is always content, happy, secretly smiling, rarely screaming (Emma was more taxing when she was little). Yet she is competent enough to get fed fat and satisfied. She gained 11 oz. in only 6 days.

Now Annya is still in her marathron-sleeping-mode, only waking up with hungry cries (loud). Occasionally I would wonder if she sleep too much and if she would sleep through her first month. Then yesterday, she was quite playful. She now probably has about 6-7 hours wake-time a day. Well, sleeping beauty, sleep along.

People say with your first born, you would take a thousand pictures; with your second born, you probably would take one hundred pictures; then with the rest, you probably would not even bother. True. Still you love them all the same. So true.

Good news, Leo's mom has arrived yesterday. And she is a big help cleaning the house and making it tidy. Bad news, my one-bedroom condo is even more crowdy. Have to kick everything under the bed or sweep them to some dark storage room. Yesterday, my huge nuclear family of four (Emma, Annya, Leo and I) managed to sleep in the bedroom. Leo and I in one full-sized (or is it queen-sized) bed, Emma in her twin bed, Annya in her basinet. Every cry of Annya made me worry (luckily she is such a sweet sleeper). Bad news, Emma wet her bed, so we had to transfer her to our bed. Bad news again, she wet our bed too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007
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yan said...

like your story very mnch,everybody is great,yesterday evening I watched the viedo of emma,really lovely,does she wet bed now?hehe... take care

Xun said...

I uploaded more. Hopefully Annya's would soon come. We have such lovely weather, and she is so lovely.

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