May 11, 2007

How are we doing?

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Gradually have sent out emails or called to tell my families, my friends, my colleagues about the new baby. Every time, inevitably, I was asked how we were doing, or I volunteer to report that we are all doing fine. Everyone, Annya, Emma, Leo and I are doing great.

That is true. But how exactly are we doing?


The very moment of coming out to the world must be one of the most painful moment. Not to say leaving the warm, snugly womb of mom, or breathing on her own. Just the pushing and contracting, the painful journey of squeezing through the narrow birth canal, the unbearable screaming of your mom in pain.

Fortunately, for Annya and me, it was a quick arrival. With only 3 (or 5) intense push, Annya's little head was safely out in the doctor's hand, her little body quickly followed.

And there, I saw her. A tiny tiny creature, her face was kind of grayish, her face closed tight and was no bigger than my palm. I gasped: "Oh, she is so tiny."

Actually, she is just right. 6 lbs 13 oz. Perfect. She cried loud. She had a Apgar score of 99. Perfect.

The following day in the hospital was probably hard for her as well. Damn (sorry)the doctors and nurses. Besides all the regular check ups (there are a lot), she also got her little feet poked again and again. Because I had gestational diabetes. Damn me. So they checked her blood every one hour, then every two hours, every four hours. Finally the doctors relaxed and gave Annya a clean bill of health.

She is such a healthy and beautiful baby. Capable too. She soon learned to find my breast and sucked.

She was so good and so eager seeking my milk. 3 days later, my milk came.

From day 3 till now, Annya is my sleeping beauty. She sleeps and sleeps, only wake up for milk. She gets a little more wakeful and alert everyday. Love the big smiles in her sleep.

What are you dreaming, dear baby?


Emma is a natural sister, a feat I never anticipated. Actually I was quite worried how she would handle or adapt before Annya was born. Will she be jealous? As I have heard a lot of sibling rivalry. Will she be disappointed because we cannot keep up the routines (reading, drawing, bedtime singing and talking?)

Emma indeed is a natural. The first moment she saw Annya, Annya was crying, we said, Emma, can you sing a song? She sang a Chinese song she half made up. Magically, Annya stopped crying. The following days, Emma sang that song everyday, again and again.

She is so curious about the baby. "Mommy, why the baby made a face like that?" "Why she cried? She needs milk." "Why she smiled? Does she like me?" "Why she clenched her fists like that?" "Will she like the little singing bee I gave her?"

Despite all of her love, good intentions, curiosity (because of that), Whenever Emma is around, it seems a little chaotic. She showered the baby with kisses while I am trying to feed Annya, she grabbed the baby's little hands (learning from me) while Annya was searching for my breast, she sings loudly while Annya cries loudly (too much noise then), she busied to read Annya books, she runs around and around the baby...

As for our routines, she was quite understanding. Often times, Annya starts crying in the midst of our reading, I say: Emma, I have to go. She lets me go without complaining at all. Only she refuses to let Leo read to her, she says, I have to wait for mommy. I can wait. Then I say, Emma, sorry, it is so late. We can read only one more book, ok? She says: how about two more books, mommy?


I am grateful for Leo, even though he tried to impose all sorts of how-to-take-care-of-yourself rules on me. But man, he works hard, cleaning, cooking nonstop, doing laundry, taking care of the household.

So, no complaint.


I am doing well, very well. Only to my dismay, my tommy is still unbearably big, so is my waist. Even Emma asked, why, mommy, why you still have big tommy?

So what do i do everyday? Some light chores. Some reading. Looking and talking to the baby. Blogging. Some light exercises, like sit-up, kegels, and leg slide, as suggested by my book. Next week, shall start to redesign the blog. Next week, shall do some serious reading and writing. Then as Annya gets more and more active, shall play more and more with her.

Friday, May 11, 2007
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Ben said...

Been a while since I came by your site. Congrats on the new addition to the family and reading how things are going on with the family, especially Emma.

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