May 31, 2007

Emma Reads a book

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I have a friend whose son is quite gifted (at least by his mother's account). He can read sentences and he can easily count up to 20 when he is three. And he is not at all the nerdy-little-kid type. He runs, climbs and jumps very well, though he does not talk much.

Emma does not seem to belong to his league. Her development, as commented by her teacher, is right where it should be. That is, she is in the middle, not outstanding nor lagging behind, her IQ is probably not in the top 10 percentile, not is it in the bottom.

I am very happy anyway, because she is happy, funny, healthy. She is probably smarter than me, and definitely more social and articulate than me.

About two or three months ago, Emma suddenly became interested in writing and spelling. Now she can write quite some words, like Emma, Sally, mommy, mom, Dad, MB..., somehow this ability does not leap into an ability to read (as I wished). Given a book, she still tries only to read the pictures or "read" from memory. Given a word like "Dad", she still could not make a connection with the "Dad" she writes.

Hmm, I wonder when she will really become a reader? (Her counting skill is also less than desirable. She has mastered up to five, however, her skills are less solid when counting more than that).

Oh, she is really good reading from memories. The following is the video that she reads "The grouchy lady bug", a very long book. (Too bad, the lighting is so bad that we can barely see her, but just listening the story is fun. On a note, too boost her morale and increase her audience, Emma has invited a great many stuff animals to listen to her story.)

Thursday, May 31, 2007
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MB Guinan said...

What a great performance! Emma really knows her lines!

When Emma was visiting the other day she played a game of reciting letters at random to see what they spelled. Did you notice that she put in vowels (mostly "o")where they belonged? I think Chomsky would be very interested.

She is trying to assemble and decode words by the letters but this doesn't work, because English letters are not phonetic. So she has to memorize sight words. This is not efficient, especially with unfamiliar text.

With sounds, however, she can write from dictation and then read what she writes. So try dictating sounds instead of letters. Start with "o" cause she already hears that. such as hop/mop/pop/top...

Emma! thanks for the story! How did it end? Did she give up trying to start a fight?

Shahzad said...

This is the cutest thing i have ever seen!!!!

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