May 17, 2007

Complaining about breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is superior to bottle-feeding in many ways, both for mom and baby. I know. Still, I have some complaints.

First of all, it hurts, especially the first week, especially when the little baby seems desperate, flailing, kicking, grasping (?), every single touch hurts.

Second, now the task of feeding rests solely on the mom. Day and night, you are the sole feeder. Whenever the baby cries, people look at you, urging (sometimes blaming), hey, the baby is hungry.

Then, to me, it is rather unsightly that I have to unbutton or pull up my shirt at any minute, exposing my breasts and the layers of tommy fat beneath it. Breasts for show and breasts for feeding are two different things. The latter, as phrased in "Everybody loves Raymond", is "working breasts". The good thing is that I never care much about my own image. However, I was worried that Emma would find me weird. Luckily, she does not. To her, it seems natural. To her, the only thing matters is that mommy also pumps milk for her, because the baby needs to share.

Then, while the breasts get inordinately large in preparing for feeding and during the period of feeding, they sag and shrink afterwards. Like small oranges. This happens after I breastfed Emma. I am sure this time too.

Then, the business of pumping. Aye, have to carry the pumping set everyday to work, have to steal time and place to pump, have to carefully store milk. And with no baby to actually stimulate and dictate milk supply, breast-milk pumps gradually drains the supply. No to say, in the beginning, you probably have too much milk, so you save. To keep the milk from going bad, you probably would always want to use up the oldest milk first ... so unlike formulas, all you need is money and someone capable of making milk out of formulas. And of course, the milk would always fresh to the minute.


Obviously, the breast are breast for show, the baby too. I have to concede, mine is far lack the aesthetic value, Annya is not yet up to the standard of poster baby, either.

Thursday, May 17, 2007
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