April 22, 2007

You are my sunshine - early videos of Emma

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My due date is getting closer and closer, at work, I am getting busier and busier, at home, lazier and lazier ... all are perfect excuses not doing anything, not blogging at all.

Feel guilty

So the early videos came to rescue.

The following videos are videos we took before Emma was 2, actually before she was barely one year old. Leo pieced them together, editted a bit, added some background music, and sent to Emma who was in China as her 2nd birthday present. We (especially Emma) all love the videos very much. So post here, so my families at China could see them again.

You are my sunshine - part 1

You are my sunshine - part 2

You are my sunshine - part 3

You are my sunshine - part 4

Sunday, April 22, 2007
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