March 23, 2007


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Spring officially arrives on March 21st. However, it is hard to talk about spring. It rains one day, shines one day, snows one day. I cannot even tell Emma what to wear. A heavy coat? A light one? Or just a single jacket?

The funny thing though is that, children, little children are perfectly oblivious of the change of seasons or weather. To them, routines are so entrenched that they simply stubbornly stick to them, no matter what. This is what I learned from Emma.

No, no, no, I do not want to take my coat off.
Emma, it is hot today.
No, no, no, I want to wear my coat.

Turned out all children are the same. The preschool's director Bev said that when going out, all of the little ones insisted wearing big coat, even gloves. Ha, unshakable routines.

I think my little cousin in China has the same problem, however, his unreasonable dress code has a lot to do with the law of attractions between adolescent males and females. The psychology of looking good and cool. I remembered that when I was in high school, my mother had to bribe to wear snow pants in winter.


Turned out that Emma is (they are) right though. The only day I managed to persuade her to take her coat her, the weather suddenly turned so cold, she got a cold.

Talking about dressing code, can anyone tell what is going through in little children's head? For Emma, she singlemindedly rejects some shirts and some pants (some of them I think very cute), and overly favor some other shirts and pants, like her jeans, a pair of crappy green pants with buttons.

And she has to have long long hair. One day I talked with her about cutting her hair short, that night she was crying in her dream: "No, no, I want my hair long. I do not want to cut it."

Sure she gets her way.

Friday, March 23, 2007
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