March 13, 2007

Spring fun

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Finally, finally, the Spring seems to have arrived. No, no grass turns green yet, no trees have had any tiny yellowish buds. Still the weather is just unbelivably warm. From winter coat to just a single jacket, it feels like a crime not going out to enjoy. At least if you have a little 3 year old.

So bye-bye indoors. So out and play.

Emma has a few gears, a tricycle, a scooter and a pair of skates MB bought for her. Last year, she could bearly handle the tricycle, most of time, we had to use a ridiculous ugly-looking cord (made out of a bathrobe belt, thanks to my dad) to drag her. Not this year. She is an tricycle expert now. Freely ride anywhere, everywhere, fast and smooth.

She is still very clumsy with her scooter. And her skills with the skates are none.

There are a lot of new physical activities for her to learn, basketball, swimming ...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
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yan said...

yes,spring is coming,here in chengdu tree turn green,full of gernery,how lovely,sunshine is warm and warm,this is the season for going out

Xun said...

No, not really. We had one extra warm day, then we went back to winter, snow, blizzard, heavy wind. Emma got sick because of that. I am just so tired of the winter.

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