March 27, 2007

Some parenting issues

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In America, (probably worldwide where it is not plagued by famine or warfare), in parenting arena, there is a big chaos of contradicting opinions, voiced in TV, radios, newspapers, and thousands of parenting blogs springing up every day.

The hot-button issues are: breastfeeding vs. formulas, breastfeeding in public vs. in private, co-sleeping vs. sleeping alone, working mom vs. staying-at-home mom, slacker mom vs. smart-pants-mom, parents vs. pal ... The list could go on and on.

Ask my opinion? I am for breastfeeding and breastfeeding in private. Sure I would never sit in a beach breast-feeding my baby where millions of people are around.

I think it is good to let baby sleep alone for practical reasons, my bed is simply too small; however, also for practical reasons, she will probably end up in my bed, because it is easier for me to breastfeed her while still being able to sleep.

I am a working mom, 100% percent, simply because that is the only option. I need to work to feed my family. I need to keep my job. But if I had choice I would still choose to become a working mom, maybe on a less tight schedule. It is just too much for me staying home day in and day out without a break, without a change for something else.

Slacker mom or smarty-pants-mom? I once took a online self-test and was awarded the honor of being a smarty-pants-mom. But I am not so sure. I read books with Emma, take her to libraries, allow Emma no TV time (though she gets to watch DVDs once a week) ... but I am quict relaxed about her lifestyles (since myself is quite terrible in this regard), for example, table manners, keeping her shirts stain-free, training her to be organized (no, no, I am never organized myself) ...

Parent or pal? To me, this is an non-issue. I can be both. If there is a need for discipline, I am the parent to set the discipline and limit. I would not hesitate to say "No" even if she cries and protests. However, most of the time, we are friends, we play and talk to each other as friends.

These are my simple opinions about some of the parenting issues. Of course, in my three-year parenting practice, I already broke a big taboo: I sent Emma away for 8 months to China. Judged by this alone, I am a horrible/selfish parent.

And then yesterday another quite unexpected and shocking news came up: based on Australian research, day cares brings forth some behavioral problems for children, even high quality day care centers. The research reports that the problem is very mild though.

I do not believe that.

Well, come back tomorrow to talk/think about this.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007
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