March 07, 2007

Emma learns to write

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It's been two weeks since I last blogged. Only one reason, lazy. People like me always perfer sleep to work, prefer watching movies, reading gossips to active thinking. Though I always get disgusted after too much sleep or too much browsing boring news.


On Emma's front, there is something worth reporting though. She started to like writing!

Not yet a passion though (she likes to stuff her "art work" in envelops even more). But for the past two weeks, our little reading session after dinner has somehow changed into a writing session. She sometimes traces letters on a plastic mat I bought for her. A very good job, indeed. She would always finish all the upper and lower case letters at least once.

Or she sometimes just writes on her little white board. Her favorite word to write is M-O-M. Also like a left-handed person, she sometimes writes from right to left. Sometimes she puts O after the two Ms. The other words she likes to write are: E-m-m-a, s-a-l-l-y (her best friend), b-o-o-b-o-o (she does not quite know how to write b though). She used to refuse to write d-a-d, no matter how Leo coerced or begged. But yesterday, she wrote d-a-d. With the long arm of "d"
hanging right in the middle of the circle. Her d-a-d in writing looks more like a pair of funny glasses. But we were all happy.

The bad news is that she goes to bed even more late, because she has to read so many books before turning off the light, and after that, she has to be sung a song or two, then after that, she has to have me hold her hand for at least two minutes, then she lets me go and goes to sleep.

Last night, we did not finish all these rituals until 10:20. She is the only baby who stays up this late.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007
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yan said...

hi dear,at last I read your blog again,I had missed it for a long time,how wonderful our lovely emma could write,I agree with you,she went to bed too late as far as her age,maybe she has had a little too much homework,good sleep does good to health

Xun said...

Maybe you are right. However she insists to do all the "homework" herself. I have cut back her books so she can get to bed on time.

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