February 15, 2007

What does Emma do everyday?

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Everyday, I take Emma to school around 8 am, then pick her up around 6 pm. Say goodbye to her in the morning, to her teachers in the afternoon. Everyday, there is a slip of paper telling me what she eats, how long she sleeps. Almost everyday Emma proudly and excitedly brings home some "art work" stuffed in envelops. She almost always seems happy.

So time goes.

However when I really think, I find I have no clue what Emma does everyday at school (Isn't this the same with everyone else? When I was little, I was greatly puzzled by what my mom did at work).

My fault! Never been chatty, I seldom chat with her teacher about her daily progress/behavior. Occasionally I ask, they always smile and say "Good!" (I guess teachers would never say a bad thing about your child). Always hurry for home, I rarely pay much attention to their daily activities posted on the white board outside of their classroom.

Anyway, finally I decided to learn, at least for a few days. Taking a shortcut, I took some pictures of the daily activity board. Here they are:

Daily Activities; 2/9/2007

Daily Activities; 2/8/2007

Daily Activities; 2/7/2007

Daily Activities; 2/6/2007

So what do Emma and other kids (called adventurers) do everyday? Other than about 2 hours' nap time, 1 to 1.5 hour meal time and snack time, 0.5 hour's gym time or physical time, 1 to 2 hour circle time (dancing and singing and stories and reading). They almost always do:
"Art" (all kinds of stickers, all shapes of brushes, and all sorts of gooey gooey paints)
Free play (trains, corn mills, blocks, ...)
Some thematic group time, mostly seasonal, winter about snow, spring about trees, summer about fruits, fall about fallen leaves; this month they focus on families;


All nice and cute.

But I somehow wish there is more. Somehow more intellectually stimulating.

Thursday, February 15, 2007
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Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xun, Emma and other in the family!

tere616 said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai, my kisses for Emma.

How's the pregnancy. I could not log on into my net for almost 2 weeks due to flood in Jakarta.

I'm going to Nanjing within this week. Is that your country before you moved to state ?

Will share the picture and the story later.

Xun said...

Thanks. Gong Xi Fa Cai. Look like this is the term for the year of pig.

No,my hometown is sichuan, a southwestern provice. But NaiJing is a wonderful city with lots of history and culture and beautiful scenary.

Sorry to hear about the flood.

Please do share your pictures and stories.

Have a good trip.

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