February 06, 2007

Silence is gold

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Emma is a special kid. My family in China and my in-law's family are always full of fond memories of her. How articulate she is, how sweet, how smart! (Frankly, I do not think Emma is remarkably smart. She is allright, but her intelligence probably cannot send her to Harvard)

My family always like to tell a story like such: "We tried to teach Emma some poems, but she never seemed to pay attention at all. She just played or did whatever while we were reciting thoese poems. However, a few days later, without any pretext, she started reciting those poems herself. Wow"

That is how Emma learns new things. This happens again and again, with language, with numbers, with computer, with dancing.

When she just went to her preschool, she barely knew one word in English. So she kept her silence, making sounds only when she was singing. Then two months later, she started to talk away in English as other kids. We were all amazed. "Her language just flourished", her teacher said.

So it happened with numbers. In the beginning she seemed so clueless, then suddenly she could count to 10. So with dancing. She sat through the first two dance lessons, unwilling to make a single move. Then she started to dance, so good, so cute.

So observant.

Silence is gold.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007
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haha,emma is a little angel

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